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How to Prepare TNPSC Group II Exam

TNPSC Group II Preparation:

Primary Books (Start With these books)
1.State Board books are considered as primary source for  all TNPSC Exams preparation. So you should study following Samacheerkalvi / State Board (11th, 12th Std) school text books compulsory for TNPSC Group 2 Prelims and Group 2A Exams.
    i)Social Science Books - 6th to 10th Std
    ii)Science Books       - 6th to 10th Std, (Additional 11th,12th Botany and Zoology if you have time)
    iii)Polity - 11th,12th Political Science
    iv)Economy - 11th,12th Economics Books
    v)Geography -11th,12th Geography Books
    vi)Indian Culture - 12th Indian Culture Book

2. Arihant General Knowledge - a must have and most referred book for TNPSC Exams
Next to Samacheerkalvi books, you have to fully cover the Arihant GK Book. Especially the last 80 pages (General Knowledge Portion) . It is a must have book for all TNPSC Exam Aspirants. This is the only book suggested by all coaching centers through out Tamilnadu. Written in simple English, even Tamil Medium Candidates also can easily understand. So both Tamil and English medium aspirants, if you can, try to have a copy of this book immediately. It is available to buy online also. 

3. Aptitude and Mental Ability Books

Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Agarwal  is the most preferred book for Aptitude. English medium candidates must have this book. If you are preparing in Tamil, Kanian TNPSC Guide or Sakthi TNPSC Aptitude Books you can buy. If you can, have a group study for TNPSC Maths Portion.

4. Current Affairs Study Materials

Newspapers :Hindu / Dinamani / Tamil Hindu regularly and take notes. 

Magazines : For English medium candidates, GK Today magazine, CSR, Chronicle, Wizards (Any one of these) . For Tamil Medium candidates, Pothu Arivu Ulagam or any other magazines.

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